This capsule collection is a special collaboration with Bali born and raised artist, Salvita De Corte.

We wanted the collection to reflect the beauty of our Home, Bali. What moves us is the familiar beauty of everyday facets of Balinese life – the storytelling of Balinese dance, intricacy of temples, colors of Balinese offerings, aromas of incense. It’s these daily facets of Balinese culture that fill our hearts and inspires our artistic expression daily.

Salvita DeCorte interpreted these facets and the emotions it evokes in us into a series of hand painted drawings. We then layered the drawings to produce a multi-faceted, yet unified fabric pattern that is meant to reflect the essence of our Home.

We want to share our collection with those that are also moved by Bali and hope that it evokes joy and inspires you on your journey.

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